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The U.S. Aviation Network has core web sites that are supported by scores of keyword focused micro sites and focus sites. Here are some of our core and focus aviation web sites.


Airline Forums * SITE SOLD APRIL 2013 – The former US Aviation Forums migrated to AirlineForums.com in the spring of 2010.  Dedicated to the airline and air travel industry, you will find nearly 1 million lively discussions from 15,000 airline employees, passengers, and airline industry enthusiasts. The weekly e-Newsletter goes out every Thursday to 15,000+ members. There are also forums dedicated to passengers and frequent fliers.

-AviationClassifieds.comAviation Classifieds–  * SITE SOLD SEPTEMBER 2014 Nearly 3000 current and up-to-date aircraft for sale and aviation classifieds listings can be found at AviationClassifieds.com. The busy aviation market place boasts FREE 90-day photo ads and extra options to help get your aircraft or aviation product sold.  An e-newsletter goes out to nearly 40,000 aircraft buyers and sellers each Monday. The busy online marketplace receives over 100,000 visits a month!


US PilotUS Pilot – America’s Pilot Employment Resource is USPilot.com. The site has over 10,000 registered pilots and 300 registered employers!  US Pilot jobs are posted daily by employers, recruiters, and pilots. Jobs are posted daily by employers and recruiters, and access if FREE. The US Pilot e-newsletter goes out to over 10,000 pilot job seekers and employers each Tuesday.


Airline DailyAirline Daily – Airline Daily is the online Newspaper for the airline industry. You will find daily headlines for the airline industry, airlines, accidents, and other airline topics of interest. The e-newsletters  goes out to 20,000 subscribers each Wednesday. Airline Daily also has a Twitter account, Facebook Page, and RSS Feeds.


Chart Dealer- SITE SOLD JULY 2013 - in late 2009, the government altered the distribution process for NOAA/NACO navigation charts.  Approximately 90% of the dealers that distributed aeronautical and marine charts were eliminated.  The U.S. Aviation Network partnered with a young entrepreneur to quickly fill the void left by the new policy and successfully launched chartdealer.com which provides chart distribution to over 300 chart resellers at a 40% discount.


Aircraft Forums – www.aircraftforums.com is the aircraft discussion board.  You will find forums for all types of aircraft where pilots, mechanics, or aircraft enthusiasts can discuss their favorite aircraft. AviationClassifieds.com feeds aircraft listings and aviation classifieds to this forum via RSS.  It also has RSS export feeds, a Twitter page, and a Facebook page.



Aircraft Tweets Using the marketing power of Twitter, www.aircrafttweets.com  allows aircraft buyers sellers to come together on one virtual twitter account.  Post an ad at Aircraft Tweets and it will post on the @aircrafttweets twitter account and broadcast to a larger group of followers.  Ads also automatically display at AviationClassifieds.com, Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, and syndicate via RSS Feeds!

-AircraftJobs.org-Aircraft Jobs – AircraftJobs.com displays the latest aviation job opportunities for pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, management, and more.  The site conveniently breaks down jobs by industry sector, category,  and by company. The is no registration or cost to view the job boards, and new jobs are posted daily.

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